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I am Marion Meyer, owner of Marion Meyer Contemporary Art in Laguna Beach, California.

The Gallery represents works by internationally known artists including Melissa Battersby, Rita Blitt, Quim Bové, Eva Carter, Vladimir Cora, Candice Eisenfeld, Marques de Jadraque, James Leonard, Chiyomi Taneike Longo, Paula Schoen, micay, and Constance Edwards Scopelitis.  In addition, original works by contemporary Masters, including Andy Warhol, Sam Francis, Roy Lichtenstein, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, are available.


I have had Kirk's pieces on display in my gallery for approximately 10 months now, and feature him on my website.  Kirk’s passion is to explore the beauty of the human form in all dimensions. His skill at the physical interpretation of the human spirit has grown, not settling for a simple duplication of a posing body, but instilling his sculptures with the same passion he feels in their creation. The result has been an inspired body of work, each piece possessing its own unique spirit and personality, each with a unique patina, ranging from black to red to blue.


What distinguishes his work is the thematic depth, giving emphasis to each piece by instilling metaphysical symbolism, eroticism, seduction. He takes from his background in opera and musical theater, influenced by his concern for the environment, creating images that are fascinating and from a magical world.


As a means to share his work with others, these original sculptures have been made available in limited editions of numbered cast bronzes.  Here are some more of my impressions of his work:


·         Investigates the depth of the human form and experience and makes human connections.

·         Captures the beauty, romance, and essence of life with a reaffirming sensuality and passion, imbued with fluidity. At once natural, earthy, and real.

·         “Meditation” and “Man in the Moon” are timeless archetypes of male beauty. The strong forms recall the classical representations of beauty that have been with us since the ancient Greeks. “Meditation” reflects an unselfconscious daily ritual, unwitnessed and private, yet there is an inherent elegance to the figure, connecting the male form and the acrobatic act.

·         Pieces that explore the real, the symbolic, and imaginary.

·         His forms are of “formal Symbolism,” communicating what the man/figure feels, lives, and brings to each of the events in life, combining meditation and sculpting.

·         He employs a sensuous visual language and a sense of tactile pleasure in his sculptures that goes beyond the use of materials, creating works that evoke feelings of elevation, strength, inspiration, beauty, and meditation.

·         While sculpting an idea from a sketch, faces, expressions, line lyricism, along with the dramatic play of light and shadows, emerge and inspire one another.


Marion Meyer

Marion Meyer Contemporary Art

354 North Coast Highway

Laguna Beach, CA  92651


March 13, 2009
Wanda Underhill
Director, Rouge Gallery
208 Third Avenue South
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Phone- 306.995.8882
To whom it may concern,
Kirk Vaughn-Robinson has been in Rouge Gallery for roughly eight months, and has contributed a very positive vibe to the gallery’s allure. We have placed Kirk’s pieces in our left window bay, which attracts very diverse walk-by traffic. His pieces have the ability to captivate you, intrigue you, and show you his edgy feel. I have never seen anyone else work the way that Kirk does with his bronze sculptures. They are exquisitely well done and achieved through a great creative mind. They are fabulous pieces. But the subjects of his sculptures are what I find most intriguing. He has stretched the boundaries of placing a man on his back while balancing on a perfectly circular metal ring (“Meditation”).  “Atlantis” balances a Merman on a pedestal with its 18” tail flowing behind.
Having Kirk’s sculptures in Rouge Gallery’s window has had an immense impact on the gallery’s walk-by traffic and the number of people who stop to look and then come into the gallery. His pieces lure you in, tempting you to want more.
Sincerely yours,

Wanda Underhill
Director, Rouge Galleryfile://localhost/